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Initial consultation at Guildford Tuition is free and without obligation. Fees are then £38 per weekly 80-minute lesson, payable monthly in advance in instalments of £152 by BACs, cheque, cash or PayPal. The actual cost of tutoring thus comes to just £28.50 per hour. Moreover all fees paid termly in advance are discounted by 5% in which case the cost comes to just over £27.00 per hour.

If your child misses a lesson due to ill health or school trips then every effort will always be made to offer a replacement lesson, ideally within that same week. With regard to the question of notice to finish, children normally attend on a termly basis, but should your family circumstances change or for any other urgent reason you need to finish before the end of term then all that Guildford Tuition require is two weeks’ written notice to quit.

My daughter has grown in confidence since starting with Mark and no longer
feels she is lagging behind at school. I can’t believe the difference it has made.
Her reading and spelling has improved dramatically over the last 8 months.

Mrs E, Guildford.

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