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When is Guildford Tuition open?

Tutoring runs during term from 3.30pm to 8.00pm every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Term and half term dates are the same as local Surrey LEA schools. On certain dates during Easter and summer holidays there are also optional extra revision courses.

Does my child need to attend every week?

Yes. Since genuine commitment is vital to success, lesson slots are scheduled for a regular time each week. If you are unable to attend due to illness or a school trip Guildford Tuition makes every effort to offer a replacement session at another time in the same week or as soon as possible after.

What happens at the free initial consultation?

This meeting lasts between 45 and 60 minutes and provides the opportunity to visit the teaching centre and discuss your concerns and your child’s needs in order to see how Guildford Tuition can help. It includes an assessment of your child’s current performance levels at maths and English.

Does the teaching at Guildford Tuition support what my child is learning at school?

Yes. The flexible teaching plan we draw up for your child is aligned to the National Curriculum. This is important as it ensures that from the start your child will not feel over-stretched and can take the skills learnt at Guildford Tuition straight back into the classroom.

What feedback will I get about my child’s progress?

Parents receive valuable feedback through the homework worksheets set after each lesson and are of course also welcome to call or email at any time for more detailed information or updates. Above all, you will very soon see your child’s progress for yourself through his or her steadily improving results at school.

What role does the tutor play in my child’s learning at Guildford Tuition?

The most important one: the expert face-to-face tuition that each child receives is vital to the Guildford Tuition success formula. Mark Norris specializes in getting students up to peak performance in the classroom and at exams in the shortest possible time. He uses a wide range of interactive resources that adapt to each child’s ability, challenging them at precisely the right level to ensure that they are always sufficiently stretched but never out of their depth or stressed. This personal tutor-pupil rapport is your guarantee of success, steadily boosting each child’s confidence and motivation for learning.

But do the students at Guildford Tuition only learn on computers?

No. Emphatically not. Specialist educational computer programmes form just one part of the Guildford Tuition strategy; they are highly motivational and accelerate the learning process considerably, engaging students more closely in the learning process by requiring them to correct, review and then improve upon their written exercises. But the exercises are first worked out and written up on paper in the traditional way and pupils are strictly required to show their planning and working out, exactly as they would at school or for examinations. The computer programmes supplement the extensive range of worksheets, books and paper-based resources which Guildford Tuition use to practice key literacy and numeracy skills, handwriting, comprehension, grammar and creative writing. All are selected for their high standard of programming and presentation and for their powerfully interactive qualities. They help to engage students’ interest and creativity and thus help to keep a complex and challenging lesson “alive” for students whatever their level, by approaching key tasks and assignments from different and novel angles. The computer programmes also give the tutor a valuable additional means of checking progress and assessing results.

My child has Special Educational Needs – will he or she benefit from coming to Guildford Tuition?

Yes. Although not officially SENCO rated, Guildford Tuition specializes in tutoring children of all abilities individually through multi-sensory learning, and has already helped many special needs students in the past. Each child at Guildford Tuition is taught as a unique individual with particular strengths and weaknesses, following an individual learning plan precisely tailored to their needs.

What about gifted children – will they benefit from the tutoring at Guildford Tuition?

Yes. As hundreds of gifted and talented children already have done – witness our examination success record and parent and pupil comments. Guildford Tuition isn’t just for pupils who are having difficulty at school: everyone can benefit, no matter how gifted. As courses are individually tailored to each child’s requirements they are expressly designed to match academic ability rather than age. This ensures that gifted children can work at a much brisker pace and continue to set increasingly ambitious personal goals and targets as their study skills improve still further. The sky’s the limit!

When is the best time to bring my child to Guildford Tuition?

As soon as you have any concerns. Please take advantage of the free consultation to come and discuss your child’s progress at school and have a closer look at their maths and English with the help of our assessment. Difficulties can arise at any stage of the curriculum, and the sooner they are addressed the better, as your child will then really begin to thrive and enjoy school life to the full. This is why Guildford Tuition tutors school pupils of any age from Year 1.

Should I inform my child’s school that I am considering getting tutoring for my child?

Yes, please do. Guildford Tuition supports many local schools, pupils and parents throughout Surrey. Mark Norris is always happy to answer queries from your child’s maths and English teachers and heads of department and to liaise with them over strategies for improving your child’s school work.

What are Guildford Tuition’s terms of business?

Guildford Tuition accepts all popular forms of payment; cheque, BACs, cash and PayPal. With regard to notice, under normal circumstances students at Guildford Tuition are expected to work the full term up to the holidays, and we are confident that your child will enjoy coming and will want to stay for the full term. However, if your circumstances change and you need to finish earlier you are free to withdraw other than at the end of term by giving two full weeks’ notice to quit - in writing, please.

What are the current fees?

The basic fee is currently £38 per weekly 80-minute lesson, payable every four weeks in advance in blocks of £152. Most parents prefer to pay termly in advance as they then receive a discount of 5% to £36.10 per 80-minute lesson, or the equivalent of just over £27 per hour.

I am interested to find out more about Guildford Tuition. What should I do next?

Please book a free consultation for your child by simply clicking on the “Free Consultation” button and entering your preferred day(s) and time(s). Alternatively, if you would like the opportunity to discuss your child’s performance at school over the telephone, enter your details under “Request Call Back” and Mark Norris will telephone at your preferred time.

PRIVACY POLICY : Guildford Tuition takes your privacy seriously and undertakes never under any circumstances to share your email address or personal data with any third party.

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